BYU Salt Lake Center Library

The BYU Salt Lake Center houses a branch of BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL), complete with a computer lab and access to all the resources provided by the HBLL. Databases and electronic resources are available both on and off campus. Through interlibrary loan, students and faculty may borrow books belonging to the HBLL and other libraries.

The Salt Lake Center library provides these services for faculty members:

Library Instruction

Library instruction is a required component of First-Year Writing and Advanced Writing classes at BYU.  These classes include WRTG 150, ENGL 311-316, and MCOM 320.  Instruction is designed to teach students how to use library tools to perform college level research.  Course instructors should contact the librarian, Amy Bernards, to set a time for this instruction to take place.

Subject specific research instruction (eg. BIO 100 or SFL 351) is also offered.

WolfVision Document Camera

WolfVision document cameras are integrated into the tech podia in the auditorium and in the science classroom. They are mounted on the ceiling, and objects on a table below the camera can be projected onto the screen, enhancing the view of objects to an audience.

Portable Document Camera

Much like the WolfVision Document camera, the portable document camera can be used for display of smaller items. Papers and 3-D objects can be projected to the screen. Available for check out from the library.

I-Panel Display

The I-Panel is a second display that can be attached to a tech podium in the science room and in room 318. On this display, an instructor can draw and make other annotations. These notes can also be saved by the instructor for future reference or distribution to class members.


The i-Clicker is a way for instructors to give in-class quizzes and gather other data instantaneously. BYU has standardized the i-Clicker system so students can use the same unit for all classes at the university. Student units are available for purchase in the BYU Store. The library has some for in-class use.

Laptop Computers and Adapters

Instructors can check out laptop computers from the library for use in class. The library has different adapters for instructors who use their own laptops.