Audit a Class

Auditing a class means registering for a class for which you will not receive credit or a grade. The class will not show up on your transcript after the end of the semester or term.


Students may audit a class if their total credit hours do not exceed 18 per semester or nine per term. For additional information, including costs, please visit OneStop.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens (55 and older) may audit a class under the following conditions:

  • The class must be listed in theĀ BYU Salt Lake Classes. Senior citizens are only allowed to audit classes that have seats available.
  • No more than two classes per semester or one class per term may be taken at the discounted senior citizen rate.
  • Senior citizens will not have access to Learning Suite or other online course material and will not have access to the Testing Center.
  • Senior citizens must complete an Ecclesiastical Endorsement (good for one year) and a Clearance to Register form (good only for the semester or term they are attending).
  • Enrollment is not allowed before the first day of class. Students must be officially enrolled for either credit or audit to be eligible to attend class. Please visit the BYU Salt Lake Center Student Services on the first day of class to be officially enrolled.

When they enroll, senior citizens auditing a class must pay a fee of $25 per class with cash or check at BYU Salt Lake Center Student Services.